City of Frisco, Texas Proclamation of Jake's Heart

Founder, Jake Garrett-McCann, of Jake's Heart being recognized by Mayor Jeff Cheney of City of Frisco, Texas.

meeting with dallas county judge clay jenkins

Jake meeting with Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins and team to discuss how to help solve homelessness.  Learning to define problems and bring solutions to the table.  

Harry Connick Jr. Show

Waiting on full video release but take a look at this promo!

Interceramic USA Meet and Greet

The Loot! Whoop!


A HUGE thank you goes out to one of our sponsors,, for collecting supplies for the homeless, children in shelters and the children in hospitals.  Interceramic held a contest amongst its employees!  The team came through for Jake's Heart!  We are so humbled and thankful for your support!  Much Love!

A Tour of Interceramic USA


Jakes loved the tour of your USA corporate headquarters.  He loves rocks and stones and to see so many beautiful works of art in one place amazed him.  Jake received a private tour of Interceramic USA based in Carrollton, Texas.  He met so many fabulous people who make Interceramic awesome!  Chris, the Stone Manager was pretty cool!:) 

Meeting some of the Employees


The tour was awesome, but meeting the people of Interceramic USA was the best part!  Jake is a very social little man and meeting people is one of his favorite things.  I hope you adored him as much as he loved meeting you all.

Boys will be boys! Hamming it up with the VP of US Operations


Mr. Cruz, it was absolutely wonderful to meet you.  It's incredibly exciting to see execs taking time out of their very busy schedules to support such an amazing cause.  Jake really enjoyed meeting you.  Thank you for your support!

Dressed for Success and meeting the Director of Human Capital


Mr. John Diggs, we would like to thank you and your team personally for making such a commitment to support Jake's Heart.  Your entire organization is incredibly supportive and absolutely amazing!  We THANK each and every one of you!  

Wrapping up the meet and greet with all these amazing employees


Many thanks to the employees at for their support of Jake's Heart.  It is because of sponsors like you who keep us alive and growing.  We had an absolute great time meeting everyone.  Much Love, Jake


Fox4 News Dallas

Frisco Enterprise Story by Liz Mcgathey


Jacob Garrett-McCann is only 7 years old, but he's on a mission with his nonprofit, Jake's Heart, providing donated socks and toiletries to the homeless population in Dallas. The Hosp Elementary second-grader and his moms, Jenny McCann and Kimber Garrett, have gained attention recently in North Texas for their efforts. Soon, the effort will be on the national stage when the Garrett-McCanns will travel to New York to be featured on HarryTV, the chat show hosted by Harry Connick Jr.

Jake has big plans for Jake's Heart, with the goal of spreading around the country, namely Washington, Florida, Colorado and Arizona for now. To find out how to help, visit

Jake sat down recently with the Frisco Enterprise to talk about Jake's Heart with a little help from Jenny.

Tell us about Jakes' Heart.

Jenny: We were walking down the street and a homeless man approached us and asked for money. We typically don't carry any money, so we weren't able to help. When we passed by, Jake asked why would somebody ask us for money. So we tried to explain what it means to be homeless. We didn't really think much about it, and then a couple weeks later out of the blue, he brings it up. He said we need to do something to help homeless people.

We didn't think it had affected him at all, but I guess he had been thinking about it all that time. We did some research to find out what we could do to help, and we found out that socks is one of the items people needed the most. That year, we collected over 2,100 pairs of socks.

Where did you get all those socks?

Jake: Donations (from friends and family). One of the lunch ladies at my school wants to donate something too. And every teacher that has me knows about it.

What do you think about meeting Harry Connick Jr.?

Jake: It's cool.

How far do you want to take Jake's Heart in the future?

Jake: To different states. Wherever my family is, I want it to go there and then we would let our family members know ahead, and they would prep it all, and the second day we got it we could go take it down to (the homeless).

Do you just help out in Dallas for now? 

Jenny: We're also looking to see if we can help locally, within the Frisco/Plano area. We also collect toys for Children's Hospital in Plano. We'd also like to expand it out to help some of the animal shelters as well – cleaning supplies, paper towels, things like that.

Do you want to keep helping people when you grow up?

Jake: Yes. My mom said that it's in my DNA.

Jenny: He's always been very keen on other people's feelings. When he was in preschool, if a new child started and they were afraid or crying, he would always take them by the hand. ... He's always wanting to help everybody.  

What's your favorite subject in school?

Jake: Math

What do you like to do for fun? 

Jake: Just be a kid - play games and do fun stuff.

What's on your Christmas list?

Jake: A guitar. One of the producers said maybe (Harry Connick Jr.) can teach me how to play. I saw the movie, "Coco" – I can be just like Miguel. 

Who's your hero?

Jake: J.J. Watt, because he's cool and helps people, like me.

Have you met him?

Jake: Nope, but that's on my bucket list.

southwest airlines recognizing Jake's Heart

Jake onboard a Southwest Airlines flight being recognized for his amazing work and beautiful heart to help the homeless.  

The Amazing Michael at Southwest Airlines introducing Jake's Heart to all the wonderful passengers on Flt 6072.

sock it to me!

Jake being interviewed by Frisco ISD TV

We're wrapping up season nine and gearing up for season 10 of Frisco ISD-TV!  Frisco ISD-TV's Kassidy Freeman and Miranda Alexander share the story of a Hosp Elementary School Student who is committed to collecting items to help the homeless. 

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